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One of the first questions Puerto Ricans usually ask when you’re a guest at their house is, “¿Quiéres un cafecito? ” It doesn’t matter what time of day it’s; caffeine is 50% of the Boricua food regimen. Rice and beans make up one other 40%, and mayoketchup the remaining 10%. It won’t matter to her when you have two left toes, Puerto Ricans love dancing.

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According to official sources, on average, 20,000 domestic violence incidents are reported yearly in Puerto Rico, along with about three,000 incidents of sexual violence. Official sources estimate that, in the case of sexual violence, solely about 15 percent of rapes are reported. If the proportion is identical for domestic violence, approximately a hundred thirty,000 women and girls are subjected to domestic violence yearly, and 18,000 are raped, in a place with only 4 million individuals.

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Puerto Rican residents relocated to West Town and Humboldt Park, where their focus facilitated the creation of Chicago’s first Puerto Ricanbarrio,or neighborhood, alongside Division Street, or, as residents incessantly check with it,la Division. The first Protestant church in Puerto Rico was Iglesia de la Santisima Trinidad, established in Ponce by the Anglican Diocese of Antigua in 1872. It was also the primary non-Roman Catholic Church in the complete Spanish Empire in the Americas.