Such as your reactions are simply an additional and sometimes even a millisecond down.

Such as your reactions are simply an additional and sometimes even a millisecond down.


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Look, the stereotypical look that is nerd simply not attractive. Think about revenge for the nerds. It’s typically simply haven’t any fashion feeling plus they simply don’t appear to worry about their appearance or their fashion if not their hygiene often. And females is able to see that because, “Okay.. He does not care for himself.” Just how could he care for me personally? Which means you don’t need certainly to lose all of your cleverness or your nerdy hobbies, such as for example playing video games or planning to Star Wars or Star Trek conventions, just start dressing better.

In fact, there’s an elegant stereotype called geek chic, that will be essentially hot nerd, which can be great news for your needs as it doesn’t suggest you will need to throw your wardrobe away. You simply require a little bit of an upgrade. Therefore have a look at some of those examples of geek chics.

Additionally the great news is you don’t have to be buff. Nerds will also be frequently viewed as scrawny and right back within my, i suppose nerdier times, I happened to be just 135 pounds. I’m about 165 pounds now. So when you can view, I’m maybe not buff. I’m perhaps not a jock in the slightest. I’m nevertheless extremely slim. I’m simply not scrawny. So don’t worry.

It does not suggest you need to spend six hours each day in the fitness center, but in the event that you simply invest 60 minutes, 3 or 4 times per week raising hefty muscle tissue, it’s going to do miracles for the physique. And consider it. Are you wanting a female to be deterred whenever she views you nude, either being scrawny or being obese, or are you wanting her to be switched on? i recall the first time we ever saw a woman have a look at me personally without my clothing on and get like, wow, like touch my body.

That has been one of the better emotions on the planet.

But here’s the reality. Even although you just own your nerdiness and do the next two things that I’m about to tell you, even if you look physically unattractive, you can still be mentally attractive and still get the girl if you don’t work on your style and you don’t get in shape.


Therefore next is “analysis paralysis” since most nerds are smart dudes and guys that are smart become extremely analytical and so they overanalyze everything.

Analysis is very good. You need to dive deep into a problem, but when you’re actually connecting with another human being, if you’re in your head analyzing what you should say or analyzing what they just said and computing it and trying to think of the best line, she’s going to tell, she’s just going to notice something’s off when you’re working on a computer program or.

Like you’re perhaps not certainly playing her because you’re in your mind! Analyzing and attempting to state the right thing. Plus it really turns her off like you’re not actually there with her because she feels. You’re perhaps not really there listening to her. Plus it’s simply little micro expressions that her brain that is subconscious will.

It is not a thing that she consciously notices. It’s something that’s beneath the outer lining, which is the reason why we reveal analytical dudes, most likely that they can feel the interaction with her instead of analyzing it like yourself, how to get out of their head and get more into their body so.

And something action you can take straight away that can help you using this is begin a meditation routine, meditate every day for at minimum ten minutes. And I also suggest carrying it out twice a day, when each morning. And when before going to sleep, ten minutes each, and not just are you going to feel more present and grounded appropriate you be a more present, more grounded guy, instead of all, up in your head in the long term after you meditate, but it’ll also help. Trust in me, man, it will make huge difference if you start doing this every day.

And a lot of people also spot the huge difference in simply a few times.


Finally, quantity one, the essential ugly quality that a lot of nerdy dudes have actually is you are poor. And I also don’t suggest just the stereotypical scrawny weakling nerd. That’s portrayed by the news.

What I mean in fact is that you’re weak in the inside.

You’re weak minded and poor emotionally and a lady and will not desire, she can’t be interested in a person that she could walk all over, which is the reason why ladies usually test guys. They state, or do things which sort of throw the man down because they’re evaluation.

Is he a man that is strong are designed for such a thing? She or the globe tosses at him? Or perhaps is he a weak guy? That’s likely to crumble and acquire all emotionally effected by such a thing she states or does, because contemplate it.

A woman’s nature is a man is wanted by her that may protect her. And exactly how can she is protected by you if you’re afraid of her, in the event that you can’t also manage her. So attention tests it is anything that a woman says or does like, Oh, I have a boyfriend or no, I’m not going to give you my phone number or just flakes out on the date as I like to call.