How to choose a screwdriver for Your home?

This versatile instrument helps not just to twist , but also to slide screws and screws, that are often”stuck” and don’t lend themselves to the usual”guide” screwdriver. Costs screwdriver to your house more costly than a normal screwdriver, but justifies itself significant savings in time and effort. Moreover, some versions of screwdrivers enable you to drill holes in various materials. Types of screwdrivers

  • For professional purposes;
  • For domestic purposes.

Professional models are picked for frequent use. They’ve a high rotation rate – up to 1300 rpm, and higher torque – up to 130 Nm. This allows you to develop appreciable pressure , and drill holes from wooden components as well as brick walls.

Domestic models are preferred for occasional usage. The speed of rotation is less – up to 500 revolutions per minute, the torque does not exceed 15 Nm. For national work is quite enough those opportunities that provide home screwdrivers. Moreover, the price of screwdrivers for home use is a lot less than professional screwdrivers.

What to choose a screwdriver for the house or cordless?

A mains screwdriver to the homeThese and another have their strengths and weaknesses. Network models are rather powerful, they could do the job for a long time, without fearing that at the most important moment the tool will abruptly turn away. It won’t need to be set on recharge, and this is particularly important when you’ve got to use the screwdriver for quite a while. Additionally, you won’t encounter a scenario where you will need the tool urgently – and also you can’t use it since the battery is not empty.

The most important disadvantage of mains screwdrivers to get home – the cord with which you are”attached” into the socket. It won’t work where there is not any power, and also the front of the job should be as close as possible to this outlet. What’s more, it is not always easy to operate when a very long cord comes from the tool.